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COVID-19 Notice


Barr Automotive is remaining open and providing all mechanical and registration check services during normal work hours until otherwise specified. We are currently identified by NSW as essential services and will remain open unless stated otherwise. Any changes will be notified on our website and through our social meadia.

We have always maintained a clean and hygienic workshop, and we have increased our efforts to minimise the potential spread of the virus by the following: 

  • Increasing the frequency of cleaning the front reception and other common areas in the workshop and maintaining high levels of hygiene when undertaking vehicle maintenance and repairs

  • Reducing the risk of gathering in reception and observing social distancing through encouraging staggered pick up and drop times 

  • If there is more than a single customer we request that all other customers wait outside of reception unit they have vacated due to it's small size. Signs and markings have been posted

  • Use of gloves and other protective gear when sitting and moving vehicle

  • Wiping down steering wheels, door handles, seatbelt buckles and any other highly touched surface with an alcohol based solution

  • As we learn more about COVID-19 we will adjust our processes to meet the needs of our customers, employees and the wider community's safety

  • We have completed the Department Of Health's Infection Control Training - CORVID-19 

We all depend on our vehicles as an important mode of transportation. And at this unappreciated time where many of us are reducing the use of public transport, it is even more important our vehicles are reliable to get us to the shops, the chemist, work and wherever else you need to be to support your loved ones.  

Reducing the spread of the virus is everybody's responsibility, and we take that very seriously. For more call us on 94762182 or Email on

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