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Doing it for Cancer Free Future

At Barr Automotive, we're dedicating October's Pink Slip (registration check) fee's to support the Cancer Council's vision of a cancer-free future. 

Why Pink Slips?

In NSW we are required to do a registration check (or pink slip) every year. So we thought why can't we use pink slips as a chance as a conversation starter and a donation kickstart!

If every pink slip for just one month of the year was used to support the fight against cancer, we could make a sizeable impact.

Then we thought - what if this became a movement? What if even 10% of mechanics in NSW joined the cause? How much of an impact could we make then?

So here we are; our first year (with many more to come) as a community fundraiser dedicating our efforts through pink slips and coffee in reaching a cancer-free future

*Check with Service NSW to see if you qualify to get your registration check done early!


 you can get your registration check done 6 months in advance?* So get your registration checks done early help us support the cancer council toward a cancer free future!

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Want to donate directly?

Go straight to our event listing to make a donation directly to Cancer Council or check our Progress!

Our Story

Before we begin, let's just say it. Cancer Sucks!!!

Father’s Day 2020, a shot to the heart when we found out that cancer had struck our family. How could this be? This didn’t happen to us! We are in the midst of a pandemic... What!? Confusion and shock reigned. 

But it did - Igor's father was diagnosed with stage 4 Bowel Cancer, it was aggressive and had moved into his liver. 

It was heartbreaking and a defining moment for our family. Of course, we knew about cancer, but it was never a reality for us because we were not being touched by it directly. We took it pretty hard, Igor read up on cancer prevention and realised diet had a lot to do with it. He immediately became vegetarian, and then vegan. I (Lydia, your trusty narrator, business partner and wife of the square-jawed man you know as Igor) eventually followed suit.

To date, Niko Stjepanovic (that silver fox on the left) has been one of the more fortunate patients. So far he has positively reacted to chemotherapy, been through one of many surgeries to come and his current trajectory is looking positive.

However, not everyone is blessed with a more positive outlook, which is why we decided we needed to do something to aid Australia's support to other cancer patients, their families and join the fight against cancer. Even if we can only do it for a month every year, help us fight cancer together!

2020 Cancer Statistics In Australia*



In 2020 there was an estimated 145,483 cancer cases diagnosed

68,754 cases diagnosed in 2020 were women, with the most common cancer diagnosis being breast cancer

76,729 cases diagnosed in 2020 were men, with the most common cancer diagnosed being prostate cancer

48,099 souls were lost to cancer in Australia in 2020

* Statistics from Cancer Australia. For more information go to 

Pink Slip Booking

Join The Cause

We made the choice to go pink in October to raise awareness that cancer can strike anyone, anywhere; and raise funds toward a cancer-free future! 

How Can I Help?


Book in for your Pink Slip in the Month of October and the full $42.00 fee will be donated to cancer council


Share this page with everyone you know - there are millions of cars on the road, you never know who has their rego due!


Or you can donate directly to the cancer council through our Do It For Cancer listing. The link is below!

Science Lab

Every donation helps

Toward a Cancer-Free Future

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