Barr Auto Can Provide Pre-purchase Car Inspections

Pre Purchase Inspections 

Why get stuck with a lemon when we can check it for you?

Buying a second hand car can come with it's fair share of anxieties. Is it actually in good condition? Are there any problems? Does it have a major service coming up? Why are they really selling? And all of the other questions you have when looking at buying a used car.

We help alleviate those big questions and provide you with much more than just an inspection - we provide you with answers, a report and bargaining power.  

What's Included?

Engine Bay Inspection

Check for evidence of oil leaks 

Check for evidence of coolant leaks

Check all belts, fans, pipes, hoses, manifolds (where possible)

Check all visible and accessible wiring for damage

Check coolant levels and test coolant 

Test brake fluid

Check transmission and power steering fluid levels (where possible)

Check transfer case oils where possible (4WD's)


The car is put on a hoist and checked for any visible signs of oil or coolant leaks from the undercarriage

Check all suspension components

Check chassis for any evidence of previous major damage 

Check exhaust for any cracks or damage (where possible)

Check for any underbody rust

Wheels, Brakes & Tyres

While the vehicle is on the hoist we remove the wheels and inspect the brakes, measure the brake pads

Check tyre tread for safety and any wear patterns

Check wheels and rims for any cracks or damage

Exterior and Interior

Check for visual evidence of accident repairs

Check for exterior rust

Check all doors and visually inspect panels 

Check for any signs of water or flood damage 

Check all seatbelt and seat operations

Check all exterior electrics; lights, horn warning lights and more

Check for air conditioning for cooling and heating operation 

Check all window operation

Check key and locking operations

Road Test 

We take the vehicle on a road test to check brake operation, suspension and steering, engine noises and more

Log Book Check

We check any logbookgs present for service history and check for any major service items that may be required such as timing belts, in-tank fuel filters, differential or transfer case services, etc, which you may have not been repaired for with a price guide on what they could cost.


We provide a report with information on the vehicle, list any issues and provide logbook information on any major service items which are due.

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