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Cooling System Maintenance & Repairs

Cooling System
Maintenance & Repairs

Keeping cool is all part of a healthy system

The cooling system in your vehicle is an integral part of how your car works. By maintaining your engine and other components of your vehicle; you ensure your protecting your engine and other integral systems in the heat of the Australian summer, and the cold snap of winter (no matter how limited the season is).

Cooling System Repairs

We have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with cooling systems on a large variety of makes and models. We provide the following repairs and replacements to get your vehicle back to it's best

Coolant Leaks


Radiator Hoses

Coolant Hard Lines

Radiator Cap


Expansion Tank

Engine Fan

Engine Fan Motor

Coolant Temperature Sensor

Belts, Pulleys & Tensioners

Coolant Flush

Water Pump

Heater Core 

Heater Tap

Oil Cooler Leaks & Repairs

Testing & Maintenance

During regular service intervals, we conduct a number of tests, inspections, and conduct routine maintenance items to prevent future breakdowns and other issues.  

Test Coolant Concentration & Checking Coolant Levels

The chemicals and additives in coolant break down over time. We use a coolant test strip to ensure the coolant is at the optimum mixture concentration. As water is corrosive, as the coolant breaks down, it's protection again corrosion is compromised. 

If the coolant is lower than what it should be, it gives us an indication we need to look further to make sure there are no leaks present in the system. Low coolant levels could be due to several factors. 

Coolant Flush

We conduct a coolant flush for a variety of reasons; if it is recommended in the logbook service by KMs or time; the coolant has tested unsatisfactory, or if the coolant is contaminated due to a fault in another system. 

Pressure Testing 

Cooling systems work under pressure, and there can be times a leak is not visible until the system is under pressure. If there is a loss of coolant, we ensure we take every avenue to find where it is leaking from.  We have specialised tools and equipment that can pressurise the system and make those pesky leaks visible, and then repair the leaks of course! 

Checking Fan Belts, Pulleys & Tensioners

Belts that drive the fans are an important part in the process of cooling your engine and other systems down in your vehicle. During every service, we check the condition of all the belts and pulleys, if they are cracking, fraying or damaged we provide a recommendation to replace them and check to make sure there are no tensioners or pulleys that have caused these issues. If any of the pulleys or tentioners are not operating correctly, they too are recommended to be replaced.

Checking Hoses, Hose Clamps & Fittings

As hoses age, due to the amount of coolant and transfer of heat that goes through them, the rubber degrades over time, they can get soft if any oil has contaminated the system, or brittle with time and heat. Checking the hoses in every service interval or when the vehicle comes in for a cooling issue is vital to maintaining the system. 

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