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Logbook & Gen Servicing

Logbook & General Servicing

Need a service? Old, new,  still under warranty - we do it all

There is no real definition of what a car service is. It could be anywhere from just a simple oil and filter change without delving further into the vehicle, to a complete vehicle inspection and all fluids and filters checked and replaced.

A logbook service is much easier to define: simply put, it is a service that follows the requirements outlined by the manufacturer’s specifications in timing and kilometres (whichever comes first); which is usually provided up to 200,000kms.

All services carried out at Barr Automotive follow manufacturer's logbook recommendations as a starting point. 

Barr Auto Service Includes:

Engine oil and oil filter change

Engine flush and additives to help maintain efficiency 

Test coolant and check coolant levels

Check radiator hoses and cooling system

Check fan and drive belts

Brake inspection and adjustment

Steering and suspension check

Test brake fluid

Electronic battery test and report

Check air and pollen filters

Check all lights

All fluids check and top-ups

Check tyres and tyre pressures

Full vehicle inspection

Road test

Advise if service items as recommended by logbook schedule

Full inspection report (including any items are due at the next service according to the logbook or wear patterns)

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I get my car serviced?

Our general recommendation is to service your vehicle every 6 months or approximately  7,500 to 10,000 kilometres in order to keep your vehicle in the best shape.  If you only do local driving and don't drive more than 5,000 kilometres a year, we recommend to service no less than once a year to keep it maintained and catch any issues at the start before they get any worse.  

How will I know I'm due for a major service?

Every time your vehicle comes in for a service we check what is due according to the manufacturer's schedule in time and kilometres - if it is due for a major service, before beginning we contact you to advise what is due according to the logbook and give you a quote so that you can decide how to proceed. If you have a major service at your next interval we will include that in your service report.  

What's a minor service? 

A minor service is an oil and filter change with a minimal inspection. We do not recommend a minor service as there is less likelihood that a maintenance item might be missed that could lead to larger problems in the future. 

What products do you use? Are they manufacturer recommended?

The products used in your vehicles are high quality and are trusted and reputable brands such as Nulon, Ryco, NGK, Dayco and more. All of these brands have manufacturer listings to identify the fluids or parts that are suited for your vehicle according to manufacturers standards and have guarantees on all their products. 

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