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Barr Auto Fleet Car Servicing

Fleet Servicing 

What does a well-maintained fleet of vehicles mean for your business?

For over two generations, Barr Automotive has provided service solutions for businesses and individuals alike. Your businesses vehicle needs are as unique as your business, and we ensure to tailor our services to suit your needs. 

We understand the important role of having work vehicles operating on the road efficiently, effectively, and with as little downtime as possible.

What could it cost your business not maintaining your fleet?

Loss of business because a vehicle hasn't made it on time

Loss of income due to a vehicle being off the road due to a maintenance item that should have been picked up in a service

Shabby performing vehicle delivering the wrong branding image and costing potential future customers

Loosing on potential returns on sale price or trade in price of a poorly maintained vehicle

Authorised Fleet Management Service Provider

Is your vehicle managed by a Fleet Service? Against popular belief, you do not need to go to a dealership for your servicing, as long as the mechanic is authorised. 

Barr Automotive is an authorised service provider for the following Fleet Management Companies: 



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