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Barr Auto Registraion Check

Registration Check 

Is your registration due? 

Call it what you like; a rego check, registration inspection, eSafety check, pink slip, or a roadworthy check. The name has evolved over the years, but the inspection has remained the same.  


Registration renewals are required every year for all vehicles; a registration inspection is generally required for all light vehicles that are more than 5 years old.


Light vehicles include: passenger cars/vans/utes etc, small commercial vehicles under 4.5 tonnes, motorcycles and trailers under 4.5 tonnes 

The purpose of the safety check for vehicles in NSW is to ensure all vehicles registered are completely safe and not a danger to road users. The registration standards for vehicle safety are set by RMS. It is the duty of the inspector to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy before issuing a passed an eSafety inspection certificate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a registration inspection involve? 

The registration inspections required a full vehicle inspection to sure it is roadworthy; in a condition which is safe to drive according to RMS guidelines. 

Required inspection of the vehicle includes ; working electrics such as headlights, blinkers, interior lights and dash lights; tyre quality and tread depth; vehicle body condition; engine condition and oil leaks; steering and suspension; driveline assembly integrity; seatbelt condition and seat operation; pedal operation and condition; and a brake efficiency test. 

How long does the inspection take?

The inspection itself only takes approximately 30 minutes. 

What does it cost?

Registration inspections price is regulated by RMS. Currently, registration inspections for light vehicles are $42 (not including LPG run systems which are $56). 

Do I need to make a booking? 

Yes, bookings are essential. Just click on the bookings page and submit a request form and we will get back to you with a confirmation.

What happens if it fails the check?

If your vehicle fails for a registration item (or items), we provide you a report on the items required for roadworthy with a quotation. It is then your choice to undergo the repair with us or with another service provider. If your repair is completed within 14 days, you can come back and we will reassess the vehicle without charge and provide an amended inspection. 

RMS stipulates if it is beyond 14 days of the initial inspection, a new inspection is required. 

What if my vehicle is out of registration?

If your vehicle is unregistered, you are allowed to drive your vehicle in the most direct route from your residence to the automotive service centre where you will be getting the inspection done. 

We highly recommend getting your green slip, contacting the local highway patrol and making a booking with us prior to leaving your residence to avoid any unwanted fines. 

If your vehicle has been unregistered for a while, you have 90 days before it needs a different type of registration check known as a Blue Slip. 

What is the difference between a Blue Slip and a Pink Slip?

As discussed on this page, a pink slip is the safety check required to be conducted by an AIS authorised station for a vehicle to be able to be re-registered in NSW. A blue slip is also an inspection, although it goes beyond a regular safety inspection and also includes the identification of the vehicle via chassis number, VIN number and engine number as well as other requirements. 


A blue slip is required when: 

- a vehicle has run out of registration for more than 90 days

- if a vehicle is being transferred from another state into NSW 

- If a vehicle has been imported 

Do you do Blue Slips?

No. Currently we do not provide this service. We only do standard registration checks (Pink Slips) 

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