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New Car Servicing

New Car Servicing

Preserve your warranty, without the dealership pricetag

There is a lot of confusion and clouded truth around maintaining warranty and servicing. We're here to provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision for you. 

Your new car can be serviced by any licenced mechanic who follows the logbook servicing schedule - and voila... warranty maintained!


If you want to know the nitty-gritty details keep scrolling!

Barr Auto Service Includes:

Engine oil and oil filter change

Engine flush and additives to help maintain efficiency 

Test coolant and check coolant levels

Check radiator hoses and cooling system

Check fan and drive belts

Brake inspection and adjustment

Steering and suspension check

Test brake fluid

Electronic battery test and report

Check air and pollen filters

Check all lights

All fluids check and top-ups

Check tyres and tyre pressures

Full vehicle inspection

Road test

Advise if service items as recommended by logbook schedule

Full inspection report (including any items are due at the next service according to the logbook or wear patterns)

The Facts About New Car Servicing

The ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) states the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty is a “promise about your new car and what they will do if something goes wrong” during a specified time as long as you’ve followed the manufacturer’s maintenance and service schedule (a fancy way of saying following the logbook servicing). They also say you have the choice of service provider… that’s the choice to stay with the dealership or go to any other licenced independent mechanic for your servicing and maintenance.

When undertaking new car servicing (aka warranty servicing) we ensure all components of the service are as per the manufacturer's standards and requirements. We make sure you are aware of any out of the ordinary service items required by the service schedule (spark plugs, brake fluid flush, transmission service, etc) to maintain your manufacturer's warranty - we aim to keep you informed at every service. 

Want to know more about your consumer rights as a new car owner?  Click here for more from the ACCC & your new car

Maintaining Your New Car Warranty

Trying to understand what, who, when and where you need to be to maintain your new car warranty can be confusing with Bob saying one thing and Karen saying another; so we've done the research and compressed the information for you into an easy read. (There's a link down the bottom if you want to read the whole thing!)

Australian Consumer Law in Automotive Sales and Repairs states there are three fundamental conditions that require to be met to preserve your warranty; regardless of your choice of service provider. 

Condition 1: By Qualified Staff

This requires the person working on your vehicle is capable and qualified to work on it; within a dealership or independent workshop. 

This is where the physical logbook and reports on your invoices come into play - when we stamp and sign your logbook, we are providing evidence it's been serviced by a qualified mechanic, your reports show what items have been done for that service; whether it's just oil and filter required or a timing belt, to maintain your warranty it should be done. 

This also means, if you ask your friend who is "a car-guy" to do a service in his driveway, this is a sure-fire way of voiding your warranty.

Condition 2:  Manufacturer's Specification

 There are two elements to this;

  •  Firstly, the vehicle needs to be serviced when it's due; by time or kilometres, whichever comes first. Leaving your servicing beyond the required intervals (by time or kilometres) can see your warranty voided.

  • Secondly, all jobs specified by the manufacturer requires to be done at the corresponding interval services which are specified by the logbook service schedule.

At Barr Automotive we provide regular SMS reminders to book your vehicle in for service and we check what is due by the manufacturer's specifications on each service (and what's due next service) regardless of the vehicles warranty status.

Condition 3: Using Appropriate Quality Parts

The final condition is about acceptable parts; that being at minimum manufacturer's standards. This does not mean you require to go with Genuine Only to maintain your warranty, but an acceptable level of quality. In many cases, aftermarket parts match or exceed the quality of genuine parts, often saving your hip pocket. 

All parts Barr Automotive uses are to a high standard of quality and come with a minimum of 12 months warranty. 

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